Remembering if you took your insulin or not is arguably one of the most important questions when living with insulin dependant diabetes. By using your Timesulin, you help reduce the chance that you miss an injection or take a dangerous double dose and thereby risk sever hypo/hyperglycaemia.

Timesulin, the smart cap for your insulin pen

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How Timesulin Works

1. Pull the tab and activate Timesulin

When you receive your Timesulin smart cap it will have a small plastic tab in place, which protects the battery. Activate the battery by removing the plastic protective tab and the timer on your Timesulin cap will start blinking 00:00.  Administer your insulin injection and then replace your Timesulin smart cap onto your insulin pen.

2. Snap Timesulin onto your insulin pen

The smartcap will immediately start counting the seconds, starting at one second (00:01) and counting up to an hour. After an hour, the timer mode will switch from MM:SS to HH:MM and run until 99 hours and 59 minutes. 

Remember to cover or switch the needle between each injection so no insulin leaks inside your TImesulin. 

3. Timesulin Starts Automatically Counting

To reactivate your timer, simply remove the cap for longer than 8 seconds and start all over! We have incorporated an 8-second delay in the resetting of your Timesulin smart cap. This will allow you to remove the cap – to check your pen’s insulin levels on the way out to dinner, for example – without resetting the timer.

The Timesulin Experience


Super Easy To Use

Timesulin has no buttons to push and requires no setup. Everyone knows how to use Timesulin, it's the new definition of simple.


Fits Your Pen

Timesulin fits all major disposable insulin pens. You do not need a prescription to order Timesulin or even consult your doctor. Just replace your old plastic cap with the Timesulin smart cap.


Compact Technology

Timesulin is light and snaps tightly onto your insulin pen. It does not add any unneccessary bulk - we know, because we carry it everyday ourselves.


Don't let diabetes hold you back

Traveling through time-zones, moving to a new city or just normal everyday life events can easily distract our injection routine. 

Timesulin enables you to be in control no matter what. 


Safety - For Everyone

Timesulin helps everyone dealing with diabetes. From partners & parents to teachers and healthcare providers, Timesulin brings extra security and comfort to diabetes management. When injections are part of daily life, the process gets automated, which is why it's hard to keep track of injections. Timesulin offers safety for everyone.


Hassle-free Living

Missing an injection can ruin your day. Forget constant logging and messy notepads. Timesulin automatically tracks your injections so you don't need to.

-No more missed insulin injections.

-No more fearing double injections.


Thanks, I love it! It’s helping me space my long acting close to 12 hours apart plus I don’t have those moments of “have I taken my insulin???” I wish I’d done it ages ago!

Jane M

What an amazing product! I have purchased two for my two different pens. I don’t have the best memory as always so busy, but it is peace of mind to know I can just check my pen and see when I last had my shot. Strongly recommend this to all fellow diabetics that are on insulin pens.

Angie M

The best invention ever! Such a relief to know you didn’t forget to take your jab.

Kim K

I thought I was the only one wondering if I had taken my insulin or not and for the last 30 years thinking my memory was poor. I had asked doctors if there was some way of knowing and they all tried to tell me I was the only one and just had to be more diligent. Didn't do much for my confidence and self respect. Turned out I am not the only one when I heard about Timesulin!!!

Thank you. What a difference you have made in my life. 

Graham D

About Us!

Timesulin Australia

Timesulin is a smart replacement cap for your insulin pen that shows how much time has passed since the last injection. Timesulin aims to solve the dangerous consequences of accidently missing a dose or double dosing insulin, potentially resulting in the severe hypo- or hyperglycemia.

The team behind Timesulin have a passion for changing the world of diabetes with smart and simple design.

Matt has been a person with Type 1 Diabetes for 30+ years. Among the many complications he has endured, forgetfulness can now be added to the list as part of the diabetes aging process. 

Timesulin Australia is the Australian wholesale & retail distributor for Timesulin (UK).  Although only a new company here in Australia, the product does have a past and is known throughout the diabetic community. 

Timesulin Australia was started due to Timesulin only being distributed to countries throughout Europe. Matt initially had to order through a friend in the UK who then forwarded the Timesulin units to him in Australia.

Wanting to share the experience of relief, and make Timesulin available to other people with diabetes, Matt went about contacting the relevant people to make Timesulin available to Australians & New Zealanders.

Over time, we hope to grow our supporters and have them on shelves in chemists, pharmacies, HCP's and supermarkets throughout Australia, as well as the unlimited amount of online stores.